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Dortmund and the United States Nike sponsorship contract will end at the end of the season, who will become the 2009/10 season, Dortmund sports equipment partners, which is now a big club Borussia Dortmund "secret", according to German media "Bild "reported that there are two candidates: the German domestic brand Puma (Puma) or the famous Italian brand Kappa (Kappa). "to the negotiations went very smoothly," Wa Cike Dortmund club general manager said, "a few weeks we will reach an agreement." Dortmund will be January 9, 2009 to the 17th in Spain Marbella training camp, the new brand of sports equipment when it will be launched. According to reports Puma possibility of winning in this competition more. Puma sports equipment is now partner of the Bundesliga team Stuttgart and Hoffenheim half champion new division team, and one year ago Puma and Borussia Dortmund on a preliminary dialogue. Dortmund in 2003 and Nike signed a five-year contract, sponsorship amount of up to 30 million euros, an average of six million euros per year, but due to decline in Dortmund achievements and the impact of the current economic downturn cheap air jordans online , Nike is willing to pay for a new contract Sponsored gold less than three million euros a year. Nike's brand has been proposed by the Umbro (Umbro) took over, but did not get through, so Nike and Dortmund's fate will come to an end in the summer of 2009, but actually from Nike Kappa grab hands and Werder Bremen's contract, it is estimated that every year Nike Bremen brought gold around 3 million euros. Wa Cike reluctant to do too much on the issue of the discussion, but said the January, will naturally be the answer is revealed. It is estimated that the amount of Dortmund and new sponsors contracts probably between 2.5 million euros to 3 million euros per year.with the Nike Air Zoom Generation limited edition, the re version of the price is gone up. Nike SNKRS also timely to share the story behind it, from the great design group (Tinker Hatfield, Eric, Avar, Aaron, Cooper) writing, naturally is extraordinary. It is said that when Aaron Cooper met with James for the first time, the little emperor talked about the most important part of his signature shoes design - comfort. This is also the Air Zoom Generation adhere cheap foamposites to the important direction. And many of the samples and designs that SNKRS shared were really published for the first time, and they remember the existence of the hard disk! yesterday we introduced the new limited edition "stealth Black" in the Under Armour Spotlight 2, today, we brought the other shoes Clutchfit Force 3. The shoes are made of Trivela super fiber material, and the upper and the vamp have arrow lines, which can increase the control force of the ball! It is reported that this shoe is now on sale! "brush" case NO.3: in order to compete for the 1978 scoring titles, George Gervin and David Sampson in the regular season last battle were scored a 63 and 73 points. "brush" evidence: although two people cut off scores, but with their team losing cost. in fact, early in the ABA era, Girvin and Thompson love secretly rivalry. But after joining NBA, two people even the whirlwind show to the extreme. 1977-78 last season before the war, Girvin with a slight lead temporarily holding the scoring title. in the last battle, Sampson went to the eastern war, so he was the first to start. He first section is frantically Cheap foamposites for sale 32 points a historical record at the time, the audience frantically at the time of the history of the second highest 73 points, thus temporarily beyond Girvan became the leading scorer. although kuangkan Sampson 73 points, but that his approach undoubtedly expense of team to fulfill his, because from the beginning of the game, he resolutely implemented the "two policy" (not passing, defense). Don't let him pass can be shot, and not the defense is to ensure that the offensive side of the physical. In the "two policy", the Nuggets lost naturally no suspense. in that Thompson scored 73 points, the Spurs coach immediately told Gwen: must be in the game against the Jazz cut 58 points to recapture the scoring. So the first section Gewen wanton 33 points, the final audience scored 63 points to an average of 0.07 points advantage back Wang Touxian score. worth mentioning, Girvan in before the start of the game 6 cast all the blacksmith, the audience feel is not very ideal, but he just gave birth to students with 49 shots (blacksmith 26 times) and 20 free throws in exchange for 63 points. Of course, in this case, the Spurs wer cheap jordans e easily defeated natural Jazzthis is George Girvin and David Sampson's story. They use unscrupulous shot, rather lose to scores of attitude and fighting spirit to garbage time is still the ultimate interpretation of the history of the NBA scoring for the most classic. Now the world only know how exciting their competition, but has long been ignored the fact that they are the masters of the brush. Kobe said to James: children play a good game, do not brush points /〉〈br"brush points": in the last 3 minutes of the game, the big score leading warriors actually chasing behind one side of the Nicks frequently foul, so as to win more time for Chamberlain. 〈/br1962 in March 2nd, Chamberlain scored 100 points to create a single game scoring record in NBA history with no predecessors after No. The most amazing is that it is said before the game.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] This pair of shoes in appearance indistinguishable from conventional running shoes, the moment when Marty put it, call out loudly, shoes automatically tightened. Leaving Marty surprise is that it has also foamposites for cheap tied the shoelaces! "Great!" Exclaimed Marty. This is the American science fiction film "Back to the Future 2" in the scene, this pair of magical shoes make a lot of science fiction fans impressed. Interestingly, a smart upcoming Nike running shoes, this sci-fi world will become a reality props. Wear it, you can also become a protagonist of the film. Nike a designer recently said that they will release a can automatically tie his shoes. The shoes which contains a sensor detecting ankle, when sensed pressure, shoes behind "small motor" will promptly start, will automatically tie shoelaces, to achieve by the soles of the whole process of all the built-in embedded chip control. Even with the automatic tie his shoes, but if you want to view in the running route have stopped to pick up the phone to see the navigation, so cumbersome and unsafe. Smart shoes Lechal India will solve this problem you. The shoes can use Bluetooth to synchronize with your smartphone, you just tell the phone planning a trip to the destination, Lechal you can by foot vibration, the user is prompted forward. Lechal addition to more accurately record the distance and calorie consumption value, but also can recognize gestures or voice, just tell how many calories burned shoes and think it will for you to design the best exercise route. in the running when accidentally fell is very shameful thing, how to prevent such embarrassing surprises? And if standing firm in the event of a leg will not consciously be supported to prevent falling backward movement . And with unexpected situations, often too late to make the action has been falling. A smart shoes called B-Shoe soles installed in the insole pressure sensor, the drive unit and the microprocessor, when it is about to fall to the consumer anticipation of the moment, will automatically guide the user's leg stride to retreat steps to prevent the situation fall occur. In the future world, the technology elements will be used more and more in life, not just shoes, there will be more necessities are intelligent, an array of sports products will people overwhelmed. It is these technology products, so that science fiction become a reality, to make life enjoyable, let Kejizhiguang benefit of all mankind. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;AP LONDON June 25, 2005 Wimbledon singles on Saturday to enter the bottom half of the third round of the contest, the Russian girl Maria Sharapova will face the defending champion player ???????? Slovenia. Pictured Sharapova showing off legs the day before the race.from Japanese fashion magazine "GRIND" before the release, known as the "GRIND TREND NEWS for Vol. 73" shape feature. The COMME des catalog GAR? ONS HOMME, Vetements, Adidas Originals, Raf Simons, Carhartt WIP and other brands of clothing. 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APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Sports players adidas Originals series jointly launched the Women shoes 2012-11-07 10:53:39 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: sneakernews] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network November 7 news, recently, adidas Originals released Wood Wood x SNS x adidas Consortium female series of all pictures. We can already see three pairs of sneakers complete the look of the joint family, but the ZX700 personally design and texture of this selection is far more than the Gazelle Vintage and Basket Profi, plus the all-black set the use of special materials, let shoes fashion shoes comes out feeling more and more refined. Of course, this series will be on December 1 officially on sale, like a female friend, be sure to pay attention. Related news