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The design of a powerful and unconstrained style folk style Missoni series CONVERSE x CONVERSE and 22:33:51 2013-12-08 shoes enjoy Italy knitting brand Missoni long-standing history of cooperation, the season of the shoes have been a good response to Missoni, the designer of the traditional CONVERSE shoes radiate new vitality through innovative design. Therefore, the two brands again join together becomes logical, this time is a breath launched up to 7 pairs of shoes money, Missoni unconstrained knitting pattern design is extremely intoxicated. It is reported that this series will be sold at the Colette store in France in September 28th.NHIZ x George Cox joint note IT is now on sale 2013-12-08 22:32:01, in recent years, by the Japanese tide brand NEIGHBORHOOD and Hongkong local brand izzue cooperation, launched a joint series of NHIZ after several quarters of development, its design is also more mature and distinct. The NHIZ project itself has been quite shocking, NHIZ will not regularly with other trends and creation units, such as New York Hat, Co. Champion and Popeye cooperation cartoon characters. This season, NHIZ has come up with different brands, launched a series of joint single products, to create a more perfect series. This season, the first joint single product, especially to find the famous British leather shoes brand George Cox jointly launched a joint shoes, to bring fresh brand supporters. Thick bottom Tassels Loafers shoes George Cox hot to the cooperation based on the shoe body used to manufacture small leather, with the upper layer of pure black hair, make simple styles can also emit bursts of low-key British style. Thick soles are compared with raw white all white soles, creating a joint shape and function of the joint tide. It is reported that the price of each pair is 3199 RMB, which was launched from the designated izzue store in mainland China in September 20th.After the end of last year, graffiti art master Stash teamed up with Reebok launched a red suede version of Reebok Question, was half a year long two again released a new shoe. Still use Reebok Question for the design blueprint, the shoe body three different shades of blue with grey suede decorative Stash iconic style. release date: June 27th stash-reebok-question.jpg (195.8 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 09:56 Stash Reebok Question upload, Blue, 00 : at 7 a. m., a single row van parked quietly alongside the Luoxi bridge. A parked car, already waiting aside 32 workers gathered and secured the boss orders: while those who did not come, hurry to unload...... A piece of packing. Shoes quickly from the car to move, then is put on the tricycle -- from here to Southern China shoe city and 2 in the road, while the shoe managers not to go to work, all the goods should immediately turn a tricycle, can be sent to shoes. Xing Shun freight service department, this has been operating for 10 years in Southern China city freight company, since April last year, after the new shoes take freight system is out of the market, to take this way to maintain a business. Mao Sheng is another freight company, their goods can not enter the shoe city of Southern China. Every day, Mao Sheng truck as long as a territory into Guangzhou, there will be several people rushed to the shoe from the unknown source or origin of the goods location a few miles away, waited at the side, silently watching the receiving person discharge, every act and every move. A full cargo tricycle for a start, there is also a van slowly behind the unknown source or origin...... The goods did not last to stall in the hands of shoe door, market management personnel on the grounds of illegal business, goods will be withheld, the confiscation of tricycle. Huidong County, Huizhou City, a prosperous business wholesale market will be the number of shipping company cleared off, claiming to be in the standardization of the market; but the complete documents excluded freight business has plummeted, have accused the Southern China shoe city is in control of the logistics, freight price monopoly; shoe stalls, dealers and manufacturers because of a business the freight prices continue to complain...... Wholesale markets, stalls and freight companies, the original interdependence, reciprocity and mutual benefit of several parties, why make so much? Is the norm or disrupt the market, is better or inferior jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black industry monopoly? This reporter on the Southern China city caused freight industry crisis, in-depth interviews, trying to uncover all the events behind the insider. from the concentrated outbreak of food safety problems to the frequent occurrence of commodity quality problems, and now the whole Chinese consumer market has been seriously questioned in the vicious development. Hogwash oil, clenbuterol, and poisonous milk powder...... One of the most hated terms threatens the health and safety of consumers and undermines the reputation and image of the industry. These so-called "regular" enterprises under the banner of "good faith" under the guise of profits in the market but neglect the social moral bottom line, in the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked after bow and scrape apologized to the public, it is not worth to be forgiven. A corporate image is the painstaking efforts can make up for repentance, give up the consumer trust approach to the immediate interests and is clearly the The loss outweighs the gain. Throughout the footwear market, a variety of footwear quality problems are endless, causing consumers complain about the market again and again, unfulfilled promise of after-sale is even more disappointing. cable material in the chamber, Mo Liang in the fire; cableway in the world when, Mo Liang cheng. Honesty is the prerequisite for the survival of enterprises and individuals, as well as the social responsibility that must be complied with and fulfilled. It is also the key to building their own image. Corporate image is the public through the characteristic and the enterprise product marketing strategy and other elements and set up the overall impression of the enterprise, is the external manifestation of the spirit of enterprise culture, so as to leave a deeply ingrained in the public mind, can reflect an enterprise's overall mental outlook. For the shoe enterprises, shaping the corporate image is the focus of certainty in the decision of its own development direction, but also to promote the brand construction and the promotion of the magic weapon in poor quality, poor service industry market environment, the image of the industry is bound to be affected, but consumers have to buy such products, so in this case only the first shoe, alone, do the image project construction, in order to become a leader in the industry, and guide the continuous improvement of the image of the industry. shoe enterprises to establish a good corporate image in the public, we must first train ourselves -- to provide quality products and services for the market, it is essential to the enterprise. If deviate from this principle, brand building can not start, the development of enterprises will become empty talk. Therefore, shoe enterprises to provide safe and healthy products and thoughtful and meticulous service, is the first brick to build corporate image. Shoe enterprises need to develop a complete set of production process specification, education staff must strictly comply with every detail process system, to control the quality of products to improve efficiency at the same time, optimization of technical equipment and application materials, to ensure product compliance. Shoes enterprises can also cooperate with some specialized research institutions and universities, introduce patent technology and innovation concepts, increase the added value of products, and create strong brands. In terms of services, shoe enterprises should pay special attention to the terminal links, including store decoration, product display, customer service and market guide service, this is to give consumers the most intuitive feelings and impressions, but also seize the best way for consumers to lay the foundation for the market resources, the. 〈 /) Harbin footwear industry market recently reflected, the market is blocked and fire hydrant sprinkler embedded ceiling, escape placed on the container, a serious fire safety hazards, in case of fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. The reporter came to the next day before in the two floor of the mall "golden shoes" boutique, decoration fire hydrant was on a shelf in the end, a box filled with shoes in front of the fire hydrant. According to the owners reflect, some businesses in order to facilitate operations, simply put the fire hydrant to decorate inside the container, so that the loss of the use function. In the two floor shopping mall, most of the sprinkler facilities are useless. Some operators for decoration, in boutique hanging ceiling mounted lamp, with the shower head mall roof cover tightly, if there is a fire, the spray head can not form a fan spray, difficult to play the role of automatic fire extinguishing. the shop on fire situation, they anxiously said: "shopping malls to retain residents of all fire facilities damage allowed, once the fire be unbearable to contemplate the consequences." (Editor: admin)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] 25 years ago, China's appeal mainly from 1 multiplied by one billion data imagination and cheap labor cost effectiveness, and now with the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the release of the consumption potential of the label affixed to the product of Western cultural identity and the reality of purchasing power makes China one of the world any sports brands have attached great importance to the market. In the eyes of China's emerging middle class, the international brand of Western culture behind natural label is their inherent advantages, cultural exchanges and economic interaction in the remodeling concept offers enormous play space for the Chinese public road of international brands. However, the development of public relations marketing itself Zibi follow its inherent rules and patterns, cultural reshaping of cultural transplantation is not without boundaries, and successful marketing is also not exclusive secret can not be copied. Nike situation in China, the American pop culture and personalization philosophy, as well as the promotion of sports and leisure concepts "Star + campaign" public relations marketing model in the past decade created a Nike in China market never to have steeled the "honeymoon period." Today, this model is also being challenged from three aspects: First, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and other competitors to imitate NB cause marketing model such as homogenization; the second is the promotion of cultural encounter Chinese traditional culture and national psychology Identity rebound; third is the difference between Nike high-priced and market growth rate between the limit further the majority of its second and third tier markets. Now Nike encountered in China PR and cultural context of development bottlenecks and market competition is not a simple "star + sport" mode can be solved, but a brand marketing, public relations and cultural integration and localization of double test. China PR Road Nike: cultural reshaping creating market space From the 1980s to now, Nike in China is to rely on "star marketing" and "cultural reconstruction" walking on two legs, Nike in China moved intact hundreds of other markets in the world test accurate "Star + movement" marketing model, the NBA and the Chinese people will recognize when fascinated Jordan Nike and Nike brand culture; Nike's move is another Chinese "cultural reconstruction" - change the Chinese people for sports and leisure awareness, combined with the Nike brand with Western culture and fashion concepts together, only the popularity of sports to bring greater product sales, in opening up the sporting goods market, while Nike fight for market space. Nike in the Chinese market is not just shoes and sporting goods, but also a cultural concept and consumer experience. In 1980 the vast majority of Chinese people do not know there is a world called the Nike brand, but also will consider television to half price to buy a pair of shoes is extremely absurd. All adults are hard work hard for their food and clothing, sport and leisure simply not on the agenda, and all the young people are worried for the exam, shoes for distant from the other side will not have any understanding of the Earth, let alone preferences. After 90 years to win business network mid Chinese people began to be familiar with the concept of Western pop culture and sports, cognitive concepts of Western culture makes all things have become a symbol of Western culture and civilization fashion. More and more Chinese people began to desire a personalized highlight and free lifestyle, Nike sports stars and sports culture as the main brand marketing and public relations is to meet this demand. Nike devoting himself carefully written in China to promote American popular culture, combined with the much sought after personalization and freedom of Western cultural elements, involved in the development of China's sports industry, passed the Nike-led elements of popular culture and consumer concept. To meet the new generation of Chinese desire for individuality and freedom, to promote American culture, continue to extend and strengthen the consolidation of its strong brand image and brand identity by cultural connotation of the brand in the Chinese context, all of its products sold in China continued growth, Nike's sales in China has exceeded 300 million US dollars, an average of two days, there are three Nike store appeared in various cities in China. In this sense, the Nike model is fundamental to success, however, is not without worries of. With the expansion of consumer groups and market scale, Nike's marketing line of American popular culture is bound to touch the basic framework of Chinese cultural concepts, the previous "Saw" Nike let "fear" the one. Its taste for high-middle-class, high price positioning will become one of the bottlenecks of its sales growth. At the same time, "Star + sport" mode is also not absolute advantage can not be copied by competitors, Adidas in 1998 to promote the project commenced street basketball in China, and then carry out the "Asian basketball star" youth basketball campaign Recently places the 2006 World Cup as an opportunity to launch a new marketing campaign. Coincidentally, Reebok also in China using the "sports stars" branding strategy, which further contributed to the sports brand marketing model and pattern of homogenization. emulate the double-edged sword of marketing and cultural boundaries remodeling: pattern behind the rules of the game "to emulate the success of those practices, no matter what position you are now running." This is the motto of sports marketing, sports marketing is the cornerstone of success. However, in terms of marketing and public relations, to follow it is a double-edged sword: the successful footsteps of latecomers are for example also the starting point, follow the example of successful practices and innovation in hand is a guarantee of success; on the other hand, may mean to follow the marketing competition is not always strong, no permanent advantage, only imitate art, the ability to innovate and perceptiveness combination is invincible, "the only way." Nike and Adidas from the 70s of last century to the present marketing competition in the world are reflected in the marketing model to emulate and the effect of the double-edged sword. 70s of the last century, Nike, Adidas terms for only a small role. Nike's success since it mimics the edge of the Adidas brand management and cross-product chain marketing model, at the same time, Nike also focus on the development and application of new technologies. And on this basis, further, by way of OEM and licensing orders to reduce production costs, brand marketing and public relations as the core development of the market; the technology of the new concepts and continue as an important marketing tool to guide the market, the annual design products style dizzying, but Nike has never produce their own pair of sneakers, a sports clothing, forming a "concept + factory" mode of production and the "Star + Movement" marketing model. With excellent market observation and strain capacity, Nike in the last century, 80 years beyond the comprehensive Adidas, the world's largest sporting goods suppliers. However, later replicated and innovation has become a model to be emulated has become the object of which is the time in marketing reflects the role of catalyst. Adidas adjusted the 1980s to the 1990s, and also began to imitate Nike's successful experience in brand marketing and management, in Eastern Europe, China and other low labor cost countries establish manufacturing plant, to focus on the concept of combining technology and marketing war . Although Nike's dominance in the sports field is still relatively stable, but in recent years from Adidas performance in the major markets of view, they're out of the woods with this model. In addition, such as Puma, Reebok, NB and other sports brands also are taking with Nike and Adidas similar path. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Shannon Love shoes)The Church of Kobe gave us the courage to face and challenge fear and difficulty, in addition to the indomitable spirit and indomitable fighting spirit. Earlier released this pair of Nike Kobe X GS "diving" shoes, white is the main color blue vamp, modified lining and insole, gradient Swoosh let us feel the breath of Kobe series, and finally to the orange bottom, so dazzling color will that attract many people's attention it is reported that the shoe is now on sale item for 726607-100, interested friends may wish to focus.In 1995 may be the watershed sneaker, the birth of a lot of classic shoes, including the Air Max 95, the day before the network again released a pair of new color of the shoes, the brand with the black and white blue tone, make shoes full of introverted and retro smell. It is reported that the shoes will be at the end of June overall sale, interested friends will be retro shoes do not miss.Can't really say they are holding all the stocks for reselling in Hong Kong only, cause they could easily sell em for 250-300 USD off eBay and + shipping, thats a lot more than 100-300HKD profit for each pair if sold locally even after the eBay and PayPal fees. Just imagine how much you would get if you could get a hold of, say of the shipment in Hong Kong. 50% The sneaker market has been The last OG colorway of charge by Carlo Rivetti of Italy Stone Island function brand recently launched a new Nylon Panama Helmet Bag series. This series highlights the functional Stone Island signs and diversity, in a mixture of nylon and nylon plates and other high-tech reflective material at the same time the bag shape to make innovation, so that it can be the same as the Tote Bag, using single shoulder bag, backpack. Currently, the package has been purchased by HAVEN, priced at $$363.Time: 2010-01-20 10:03 source: China Leather network Author: China Leather network Click: sub Wenzhou 2009, export shoes and boots $2 billion 754 million, an increase of 0.06%. As the global economy recovers, part of the shoes, bags export enterprises reflect the foreign trade orders showed a warming tendency, but the recent warming cannot be ruled out of foreign orders, inventory replenishment orders Christmas effects of short-term factors, the long term is expected in 2010 exports in 2009 will form good. But Wenzhou export products Wenzhou city in 2009 exported shoes and boots $2 billion 754 million, an increase of 0.06%. As the global economy recovers, part of the shoes, bags export enterprises reflect the foreign trade orders showed a warming tendency, but the recent warming cannot be ruled out of foreign orders, inventory replenishment orders Christmas effects of short-term factors, the long term is expected in 2010 exports in 2009 will form good. But the export products of Wenzhou are concentrated in the labor-intensive products such as footwear in the "sunset industry" in Europe and the United States, and there is a keen competition relationship with other developing countries, and the possibility of trade protection is relatively high. (editor in chief: admin)By Edison Chan in charge of the CLOT entered the tenth year, as early as last year, CLOT on a high-profile announcement to celebrate the 10th anniversary and teamed up with Nike to create the Lunar offer Force 1 branded shoes, and today the network is also the first step on the foot shot release, all must be concerned about a trendsetter. The streets of Hongkong to commemorate the 10th anniversary brand CLOT is a source of inspiration, the shoe body by using the grey system is equipped with nets and cotton material, and cotton material is also integrated into the Hyperfuse Loopwheeler technology under Nike. Vamp around the outside also specially used in small Logo decoration, the rubber outsole is full of color, low tide breath. item: 717303-064 release date: April 17thPrice: clot-nike-lunar-force-1-10th-anniversary.jpg (221.01 KB, download number: 1) download CLOT x Nike Lunar Force 1 Jewel feet 2015-4-16 09:30 upload clot-nike-lunar-force-1-10th-anniversary-1.jpg (269.99 KB, download number: 8) download CLOT x Nike Lunar Force 1 Jewel feet 2015-4-16 09:30 upload clot-nike-lunar-force-1-10th-anniversary-2.jpg (99.83 KB, download number: 1) download CLOT x Nike Lunar Force 1 Jewel feet 2015-4-16 09:30 upload clot-nike-lunar-force-1-10th-anniversary-5.jpg (79.13 KB, download number: 4) download CLOT x Nike Lunar Force 1 Jewel feet 2015-4-16 09:30 upload clot-nik0